Healthy Bathroom Products

ShowerEnvy Spa showerhead: Dermatologist created showerhead that removes harmful bacteria and chemicals to promote healthy skin and hair.

Dime Water: Family owned and ran since 1994, this unique company helps residential and commercial spaces provide the cleanest water at very affordable pricing. All units are made in the USA.

Thieves® Kit: The backbone of our non-toxic living. Home and personal care products infused with the pleasant, spicy aroma of our proprietary Thieves® essential oil blend which supports the immune system while cleaning.

P2 Probiotic Power: Help to fortify your immune system and create a probiotic barrier of protection against the 247.9 pounds of toxins that barrage our bodies annually by breaking down the biofilm that’s harming us all.

Squatty Potty elimination assistance device: Healthy bowel function without straining is paramount. Eliminate the way our bodies were made for us to.

Luv Your Yoni DIY herbal vaginal steaming: Effective and relaxing way to support your feminine health. 100% organic, handcrafted blends for vaginal and reproductive wellness.

CitraGuard Deodorant: Essential oil infused without aluminum, parabens, talc, or alcohol which offers dynamic protection from odor-causing bacteria. Also available in CinnaFresh and Valor scented formulas.

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Fresh Tallow Natural Deodorant: Cow kidney tallow derived, which is rich in anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial protection. I have tried a ton of natural deodorants and this one is my favorite! Comes in Fresh and Lemon Lime scented formulations.

Dry brush with laminated instructions sheet for the shower: Improves lymphatic drainage, crucial for maintaining health detoxification of the body.

Castor Oil Pack: To promote healthy liver function which comes from seamless bile flow and lack of congestion.

Organicup Menstrual Cups: Award winning healthier and greener menstrual cup.

Peachlife Menstrual Cup: A medical grade silicone menstrual cup with ring for easy removal.

Emerita Organic Regular Tampons

Emerita Organic Super Tampons

Natra Care Organic Regular Tampons

Natra Care Organic Super Tampons

TOP Organic Tampons

DAME Tampon Applicator

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