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Nutritiongenome: DNA Test Kit + Whole Body Health Report


Report updates for life
Personalized grocery list
Recommended blood work
Toxins / foods to avoid
Genetic strengths & weaknesses recap
95 clinically relevant genes (146 SNPs) for a whole body approach to wellness


Empower yourself and find out how your body is functioning by ordering your own labwork! You no longer have to approach your provider with tests you find necessary but they don't. Take matters into your own hands. This is the lab I trust for my clients and my family when diving deep into their symptoms in order to breakthrough and achieve optimal health. Great prices and quick turnaround to get your feeling your best faster.

SimpleWater Tap Score-Water Testing Service: Water filtration is personal. Founded at UC Berkley, this company offer a variety of packages to meet your needs and gives accurate, easy to understand with actionable custom steps to take to decrease your toxic water burden.

BioBalance Natural Mold Removal: Their treatment restores indoor air quality to a healthy state by de-naturing toxins and reducing indoor mold to a natural level. Haven™ is formulated from naturally derived citrus extracts and is free of harsh chemicals, thus safeguarding your health and restoring your environment. We used them for remediation and got outstanding results. Very affordable and so easy to DIY, absolutely worth the piece of mind of treating naurally and effectively.

ImmunoLytics: At home mold testing that is affordable, simple, comprehensive, and they committed to providing the best quality testing and service to their clients. We used them after our three floods and were thrilled with the ease of testing, swiftness of result return, and the degree of support with interpretation of the tests. We plan on testing every six months to be sure we aren't living with mold again. Its presence is a huge barrier to health.

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