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I’m a western medicine trained gal with a holistic heart, a police wife and mother to sons, Andrew and Colin. As a practicing Physician Assistant for the past 16 years, I thrive on genuine patient connections, but have reached true fulfillment in the last few through educating women how to take charge of their family’s health and wellness utilizing plant matter instead of conventional, and more toxic, means. The satisfaction, and sense of accomplishment and peace these women have gained from learning and utilizing actionable products, tools, and regimens, warms my soul and I am welcoming this new lit path.  

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I strongly believe that a series of unfortunate events in the last 10 years have become blessings in disguise that have guided me to a very important realization.  I now understand that true health, at its core, is achieved from being resourceful and leaning on natural earthly elements. My mother was diagnosed with renal cell cancer when I was 16 (she was 42) and passed away while I was pregnant with my oldest son 14 years later (at the age of 56). I was devastated, but felt that our family just had “bad luck” like many others.  During this time, I was diagnosed at age 26 with melanoma in situ, thankfully a very early stage of melanoma skin cancer, and had recovered. I had been practicing medicine all along, and became increasingly disgusted that nearly every single one of my patient’s family or personal medical history included a cancer diagnosis, usually multiple. Those three events built a foundation primed for questioning, but it was my father's bladder and prostate cancer diagnoses six years later that completely rattled me, propelling me on a new quest towards truth. It certainly couldn’t be “chance” that both of my parents and I had been diagnosed with some form of cancer. I was already fearful of losing my remaining parent and it had become a real possibility that I could be an orphan in my mid-30s. I desperately wanted to know why cancer rates were skyrocketing and how I could protect my family from suffering anymore ill health and loss. I was obstinate that my children would not endure the same pain I had endured. 

I spent (and continue to spend) countless hours researching and consuming content, committed to finding out the core principles and actionable steps one can take to protect themselves and their families, not just from cancer but from suffering pain and symptoms associated with chronic disease. Cases of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and autoimmune conditions like lupus and psoriasis, are exponentially rising and are afflicting children and young adults at alarming rates when they have long been considered diseases with adult onset. More children are anxious and/or depressed than ever, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), attention deficit disorder (ADD), and oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) are all diagnoses listed many of young patient’s medical charts, and the majority of them are medicated for their symptoms.

The next generation is one that will not outlive their parents unless drastic measures are taken. What disheartens me is that mainstream western medical education has disconnected itself from determining one’s true issue to heal and resolve the problem. It is a problem based-body system based approach of identifying and “treating” supposed disconnected ailments with chemical laden medications instead nourishing the body with plants and utilizing treatments that stem from those sources. Our practice of medicine in the west is incredible for acute, especially traumatic situations, but its philosophy that conditions belong to just the organ system they are grouped in will continue to detrimental to our society. I was never taught to appreciate the body as a machine that relies on other areas to maintain balance and harmony, nor to use true simple nutrition to heal its malfunction, only to diagnose and then match the appropriate class of medications to “treat” that issue. 

I am so grateful to have had my eyes opened by others, but also am very proud of myself for being open-minded to learn, digest and accept these completely foreign concepts. After putting a lot of them into practice in my own household, I noticed tremendous improvements in my family’s health, more specifically Andrew’s battle with anxiety from age 2-8, and Colin’s neurological stuns and wrecked gut health from toxic chemical exposures at age 2.

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Through the lasting benefits we have experienced, I feel a moral obligation to educate all those who have not been fortunate, yet. 

I am here to educate and guide you, to help you break the cycle of chronic disease and ill health in your own life or life of a family member.  I will provide you with what you need to create a healthy home environment where everyone is able to function at their optimal level and not live in a toxic chemical cloud any longer. 

I help you, the high performing woman, achieve sustainable, radiant, anti-aging skin by transforming your health through detoxifying your body and home, balancing your hormones, providing you thyroid and autoimmune symptom relief, and supporting your immune system.

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